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More than 8 times that: scary statistics of coronavirus deaths released in China

More than 8 times that: scary statistics of coronavirus deaths released in China

In China, the number of victims of the new deadly coronavirus 2019-nCoV, which has killed a total of 813 people, is growing daily.

Comparative statistics of the National Health Commission of the country lead CNN. In two weeks, the number of deaths per day increased by 8 times.

So, on January 23, Chinese authorities reported 8 victims. The outbreak reached its peak on Saturday, February 8, when 89 deaths were recorded. The number of infected people also increased: in the last day, February 8–9, 2662 people fell ill.

NKZ China dР°ta:

February 8: 89 deaths recorded

February 7: 86 deaths

February 6: 73 deaths reported

February 5: 73 deaths reported

February 4: 65 deaths recorded

February 3: 64 deaths reported

February 2: 57 deaths recorded

February 1: 45 deaths recorded

January 31: 46 deaths recorded

January 30: 43 deaths recorded

January 29: 38 dead

January 28: 26 deaths recorded

January 27: 26 deaths recorded

January 26: 24 deaths recorded

January 25: 15 dead

January 24: 16 deaths recorded

January 23: 8 deaths recorded

Chinese authorities said 17 people died of the virus before January 23.

As previously reported:

Scientists said the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan could soon be declared a pandemic. Such a term will take the virus to a new level since it refers to a more global danger.

As of Sunday, February 9, the number of people infected with the new Chinese coronavirus in the world has increased to 37,549. 813 people died of the disease, 2701 recovered.

In Europe, more than 30 cases of fatal coronavirus have been recorded.

In China, a doctor died of coronavirus and was the first to discover a deadly threat. The Chinese authorities hid information about the new virus for several weeks and took no action.

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