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Moderna to provide 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for COVAX

Moderna will provide the COVAX international initiative with 500 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is reported by Bloomberg.

"Moderna Inc. has agreed to provide 500 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine under a program known as COVAX as an incentive for global vaccination efforts, but most of the supplies will not be delivered until next year,” it said.

Moderna is reportedly joining developers including AstraZeneca Plc, Pfizer Inc., and Johnson & Johnson in supplying products to the COVAX initiative that has faced setbacks in its quest to help low-income countries.

“Deliveries of the Moderna mRNA vaccine for COVAX should begin in the fourth quarter, with 34 million doses available in 2021,” GAVI said on Monday. The American company will deliver 466 million doses in 2022... The terms of the agreement with GAVI were not disclosed, " the statement said.

“The vaccine was last week approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization, making it suitable for COVAX vaccination, according to GAVI, the vaccine alliance, one of the initiative's partners,” the report said.

COVAX has previously faced funding challenges, delivery delays, and other obstacles as part of a massive campaign to narrow the vaccine access gap.

It is noted that rich countries last year purchased doses of vaccines from Moderna and other drug manufacturers, and more than 240 million doses have already been introduced in the United States alone. Meanwhile, as of the end of April, COVAX has shipped about 50 million doses to more than 120 countries and territories.

WHO has added Moderna to the list of vaccines for emergency use.

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