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Coronavirus in India: the number of deaths is appalling

Despite the fact that the number of new cases of coronavirus in India has decreased, the number of deaths is appalling: 3,689 people died in a day from complications caused by coronavirus infection, and this is a sad record.

Now India is the epicenter of the outbreak of coronavirus infection, and, according to experts, the situation there may worsen.

Even officially-an anti-record. How much in reality — no one knows

3,689 deaths in the last 24 hours is an anti-record, even according to official statistics given by the authorities. No one really knows how much. With 392,488 new cases of infection, this is unlikely even statistically.

Street crematoriums in Delhi and other cities in India also say that the figures do not correspond to reality. Bonfires burn day and night, and near them are long rows of corpses waiting for their last turn.

More than 300 thousand new patients in India are identified 10 days in a row. In Delhi alone, and only because of a lack of oxygen, dozens of people have died in the past week.

The government still sees no reason to introduce lockdown

However, even against the background of such a catastrophic situation, the authorities are still reluctant to introduce a national quarantine, because last year's lockdown led to a record drop in production by 24%.

The restrictions were imposed by almost 10 Indian states and union territories.

The sharp rise in cases has also led to a shortage of medical staff, and according to media reports, the government plans to call medical students to hospitals to fight the coronavirus.

What is the situation with vaccines?

Despite the fact that India is one of the main countries where vaccines are produced, the situation with vaccinations leaves much to be desired. Several states said they do not have the necessary number of doses to vaccinate adults between the ages of 18 and 44. On May 2, 84,599 residents aged 18 to 44 years were vaccinated with the first dose. Only 27.3 million people (2% of the country's population) were fully vaccinated.

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