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James Bond car with flamethrowers and cannons for £7,000

Inventor Colin Furze built a Bond machine with flamethrowers in the front and cannons in the back. Colin, 41, known for his YouTube shows, created a 007 car for BBC Top Gear with a budget of £7,000 in five weeks.

Colin from Stamford, Lynx bought a £4,000 BMW Z3 and added his own modifications.

It also has a button near the gear lever to fire cookies from the stereo, as well as a hidden fifth wheel so that the car can only turn on the front wheels.

“The fifth wheel makes it very convenient for parallel parking and aids in aiming,” says Colin.

“This car is a lot of fun to drive and the front flame throwers work really well.

— All switches are located on the dashboard or hidden in the glove compartment.

Despite the modifications, the car will still pass the MOT, so it is still legal on the roads, but of course, it was only driven on autodromes.

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