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India updates the world anti-record for COVID growth for the ninth day

In the country, more than 400 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection were detected during the day, 3.5 thousand people died.

The Ministry of Health of India over the past day recorded 401,993 cases of coronavirus infection, and the total number of patients for the entire time of the epidemic in the country reached 19,164,969, local authorities reported on Saturday, May 1.

It is noted that the number of deaths associated with infection increased by 3,523 cases per day and amounted to 211,853 people. At the same time, the daily number of infected people became the ninth consecutive world anti-record recorded in India.

On Friday, the country's health ministry reported 386,452 infected people. For the ninth day in a row, India has registered more than 300 thousand cases of coronavirus infection and more than 2 thousand deaths.

As of May 1, more than 154 million two-dose vaccines (154,989,635) have been given to people in India, the largest vaccination campaign in the world.

Recall that in India, the peak incidence of coronavirus is predicted in the first week of May.

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