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WHO officially approves another coronavirus vaccine

The World Health Organization has allowed the use of COVID-a drug developed by Moderna

The World Health Organization has included the coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna in the list recommended for use in emergency situations.

This was reported on the WHO website on April 30.

The quality, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines are considered for inclusion in the list. Another prerequisite: participation in the international COVAX vaccine distribution program.

It also allows countries to speed up their regulatory approvals for the import and use of the vaccine.

In January, the vaccine was approved by the WHO strategic advisory group of experts on immunization, recommending its use among all age groups from 18 years. According to experts, the effectiveness of the vaccine was 94.1%.

In addition, Moderna is approved by the European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration.

It was also reported that the company began testing its development on children — 7 thousand children aged 6 months to 11 years from the United States and Canada were involved in the tests.

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