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Three countries reported infection with the “Indian” strain of coronavirus

In Romania, Israel, and France, cases of infection with the “Indian” version of the coronavirus were recorded. This is reported by Reuters.

In Romania, according to the Ministry of Health, the first infection with a new strain of COVID-19 was confirmed in a 26-year-old patient who arrived in Romania about a month ago. He suffered from an illness with mild symptoms. In this regard, the authorities are tracking an outbreak of coronavirus among construction workers who recently arrived from India.

In the southwest of France, the department of Lot and Garonne also reported a case of infection with the “Indian” strain in a Frenchman who returned from India. Now the authorities have ordered him to self-isolate and check the people with whom he was in contact.

In Israel, they said that 41 people were infected with this strain in the country, among them-4 vaccinated. 24 of those infected have recently returned from abroad, and 17 have fallen ill while in the country.

India has announced the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus with a double mutation in the country. This coronavirus was detected in the UK, after which the country tightened the rules for entry from India. As the head of the Ministry of Health of the kingdom, Matt Hancock, said on April 19, British experts are now determining whether the new strain is more contagious or deadly compared to the original genetic variant of the new coronavirus, as well as how well the vaccines protect against it. Later, this strain appeared in the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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