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Sex scandal: McDonald's investor group demands dismissal of 2 executives

A group of McDonald's investors is demanding the dismissal of 2 members of the company's board. They accuse them of a poor investigation into the Steve Easterbrook scandal that occurred in 2019.

CtW Investment Group and New York City controller Scott Stringer created the letter. It called for McDonald's CEO Enrique Hernandez Jr. and the head of the Commission Committee, Richard Lenny, to be removed from the board.

Investors ' position

They hold these 2 executives most responsible for the false and managed investigation of ex-CEO Steve Easterbrook's board.

In a statement regarding the letter, a McDonald's spokesperson said the board is committed to “constantly updating” and the company is fully investigating all allegations of infringement of Easterbrook's rights.

Investors are asking other McDonald's shareholders to vote against board members to express support for director accountability and a zero-fee policy in cases of sexual misconduct.

McDonald's sex scandal: what's known

Easterbrook resigned after the board began investigating his relationship with a subordinate in 2019.

Easterbrook went with more than $44 million in compensation and payouts because he was fired “for no reason.”

Reference. According to McDonald's corporate ethics, personal relationships between employees are strictly prohibited.

In August 2020, McDonald's sued Easterbrook to return the original case, claiming that further investigation revealed sexual relations between the former CEO and 3 other McDonald's employees, which Easterbrook tried to hide.

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