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Biden again screwed up in front of Congress

US President Joe Biden delivered a keynote speech to the US Congress on Wednesday, April 28. He raised many topics on the domestic and foreign policy of the country, including issues of racism, as well as difficulties in relations with Russia and other countries.

During the discussion of Russia, he tried several times to correctly pronounce the word “escalation” and was embarrassed in front of the senators.

The United States and Russia can cooperate when it is in their interests, Biden added. Washington does not seek escalation, but promises “consequences” for interference and cyberattacks.

The US president also said that the main terrorist threat to the US comes from inside the country and is created by white racists.

Previously, it was written that Americans consider Biden weak. A few weeks ago, the President made a video message in which he spoke about plans for cooperation with Russia in the near future. During his short speech, he made several mistakes and eventually called Vladimir Putin either Klutin or Plugin.

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