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Dangerous Android features that should be disabled

The function of quick payment via the browser, according to the experts, can allow attackers to steal money and personal data.

Google Chrome and other browsers offer the user a quick payment function, which makes it convenient to make purchases online — there is no need to enter the card information, postal address, and other data every time.

There is a risk that at any time your payment data will also be in the hands of hackers and such precedents have already happened, “ experts point out the imperfection of this system.

While there is no effective protection against fraud, it is recommended to disable this feature. In the settings of the Chrome browser on your Android smartphone and in the “Payment methods” section, you need to disable the “Save and automatically substitute payment data” option. In addition, experts recommend that you go to the “Privacy and Security” section and disable the “Access to payment methods” option.

Earlier, Apple said that it had fixed the” most serious “ vulnerability of the iMac.

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