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The US is concerned about the incident in the Persian Gulf

The US Defense Department noted the “unsafe and unprofessional” behavior of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The United States authorities are calling on Iran to de-escalate the situation in the Persian Gulf, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference on Tuesday, April 27.

When asked about the clash of Iranian and American ships in the southern Persian Gulf on April 2 (the statement of the US defense department was made before it became known about the second conflict between the US and Iran in the waters of the Gulf), Kirby noted that “ the unsafe and unprofessional activities of the IRGC at sea are not something new.”

At the same time, the Pentagon press secretary stressed that such behavior of the elite unit of the Iranian army is disturbing.

“We do not see the same behavior on the part of the Iranian Navy. These are mainly the IRGC and usually their small speedboats. This continues to be a matter of concern. And this, of course, as we have already said, increases the chances of a miscalculation, which, I think, will not benefit anyone in this part of the world,” Kirby pointed out.

As reported, the IRGC boats twice in a month — on April 2 and 26-provoked the crews of US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf to fire warning shots.

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