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Russian hackers hacked Washington police and demanded a ransom

Russian hackers unauthorizedly entered the computer network of the Washington police and stole confidential documents. Now they're blackmailing the cops.

Police in Washington DC announced that hackers had broken into her computer network. Cyber attackers are trying to blackmail US police officers by demanding a ransom, otherwise, they will spread the information about the informants. The ransom amount was not specified, writes AP.

Hackers from the Babuk group stole the personal files of police officers, criminal files, investigation reports — more than 250 gigabytes. They posted screenshots of some documents on their darknet site.

Cybercriminals wait for money from the police for three days.

“We are aware of unauthorized access to our server. We are establishing influence (of hacker hacking) And continue to analyze this activity, we have involved the FBI to fully investigate this case,” the police said.

We will remind, on the eve of the United States announced new attacks by hackers from the Russian Federation on government networks. Since 2018, hackers have moved from the distribution of malware to the tactics of hacking “cloud” resources, e-mail.

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