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The second wave of coronavirus in India could hit us all

An extremely dangerous epidemiological situation has developed in India. The country's clinics are overloaded, there are not enough hospital beds and oxygen for ventilators, the country is again sitting in a hard lockdown. The number of deaths in the country has reached critical levels, one of the reasons for this is the appearance of a double mutation of the coronavirus, called B. 1. 617. The media reflect on whether the authorities of the country, which ranks second in the world in terms of population, are acting correctly, and also indicate that the consequences may affect other countries.

Global Orders — Global consequences

Due to the high rate of infection in India, the success of the international vaccination campaign is under threat, — fears Polityka:

“The consequences of the outbreak of the pandemic in the Ganges Valley will soon affect residents of other countries. The bulk of the coronavirus vaccine doses distributed under the Covax international vaccination program were to be produced at Indian facilities. But it is already clear that many of these deliveries will be delayed. First, the Indians will have to put out the fire in their own home.”

Shoemaker without boots

The current situation discredits Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, writes Les Echos:

“India is one of the largest producers of vaccines worldwide. India's Serum Institute alone is capable of producing 1.5 billion doses a year, yet only one percent of the country's population is vaccinated. World Pharmacy failed to play its trump card! Even Narendra Modi's supporters do not understand why he allowed such extensive easing after the first wave of coronavirus. Not only did he not restrict pilgrimages and mass party events, let alone simply ban them, but he also initiated them himself, bringing millions of people together. At home, Fashion is criticized, but the world community also treats it with distrust. After all, when India suffers, the rest of the world suffers.”

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