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The network discusses the new hairstyle of Brad Pitt

The appearance of 57-year-old Brad Pitt at the Oscars this year was expected — even before the ceremony began, it became known that the actor will present the award to one of the winners. But that his persona would become one of the most discussed on the network after the award, it was hardly possible to assume. And it's all about the new hairstyle that Pitt showed off at the ceremony.

The actor grew out his hair and pulled it into a small ponytail. Pitt's new image delighted netizens.

Today I made a hair mask and drank vitamins for their shine. But my hair doesn't look as beautiful and shiny as Brad's ponytail.,

— wrote one Internet user.

This is the official launch of Pitt's campaign to bring Brad back from the 90s and fashion for ponytails,

another noted.

However, Pitt impressed not only the Internet community but also his colleagues. Actress Yoon Ye-jong, who won the Best Supporting Actress award, could not hide her joyous emotions from meeting the actor.

Mr. Pitt, at last! Nice to meet you,

— she said.

Of course, this isn't the first time Pitt has worn a ponytail. In the 90s, he was often seen with such a hairstyle. It is possible that the new image is part of the stage image of the actor for the next role in the movie. But the network notes that Pitt could simply decide to change his appearance, which many of his colleagues demonstrated during the pandemic, and his hairstyle has already been jokingly called a “pandemic ponytail”.

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