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Russia hands the US a note on changing the order of diplomats travels

The U.S. Charge d'Affaires a.i. Bart Gorman was handed a note on changing the procedure for U.S. diplomats to travel to Russia, the Foreign Ministry said on its website. This is said in a statement on the site of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and U.S. Charge d'Affaires Gorman met today and “discussed some topical issues of bilateral relations.”

“The interlocutor was given a note from the Foreign Ministry on the changes introduced by the Russian side to the current order of travel on the territory of the Russian Federation for employees of the US embassy and consular offices,” the ministry stressed.

The department also promised to inform the U.S. side about further actions of Russia.

Earlier, we wrote that on April 15, the US authorities announced new sanctions against Russian individuals and organizations. Ten Russian diplomats were expelled from the country. Also, American companies are now forbidden to directly buy Russian debt issued by the Central Bank, the National Welfare Fund, and the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

On the same day, Joe Biden made a statement. In his speech, he said that the United States was not seeking an escalation of tension in relations with Russia, but a constructive engagement with it. He also expressed confidence that the peoples of both countries seek peace.

The Russian ambassador was recalled to Moscow for consultations, and 10 members of the American embassy in Russia were declared persona non grata. The U.S. ambassador to Moscow also left to meet “with members of his family and the new administration”. The State Department promised that he would return in a few weeks.

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