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In France, there was another Islamic terrorist attack

In the city of Rambouillet, located 45 kilometers from Paris, a native of Tunisia, who arrived in France in 2009, killed a police officer, attacking her with a knife outside the commissariat building, Radio France Internationale reports. The victim of the attack was a 48-year-old administrative employee of the police commissariat. Rescuers who arrived at the scene could not save the woman, she died on the spot. The attacker received gunshot wounds and died on the spot.

“She was a police officer. Stephanie was murdered in her commissariat in Rambouillet... We are not inferior in anything in the fight against Islamist terrorism, “ French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted.

Francois Bersani, a representative of the SGP Police-FO Unite trade union, said that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar!” during the attack, the French TV channel BFMTV reports.

The identity card found in the jacket pocket shows that the criminal was 37 years old, he was born and raised in Tunisia and moved to France in 2009. Until 2019, the criminal was in France illegally, but two years ago he managed to get French documents. At the same time, the Tunisian never caught the eye of the police and was not listed in any anti-terrorist register (FSPRT and SDAT).

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