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YouTube removed part of RT content

The video hosting service YouTube has removed some content of the RT TV channel. This is reported by the press service of Google.

They said that RT also issued warnings.

The press service explained that this was due to violations of the policy of RT's YouTube channels, “including” The Rules on false medical information about the COVID-19 coronavirus infection.”

“The content also did not contain the context necessary to meet our EDSA requirements (educational, documentary, scientific, and artistic content) and to be preserved on the platform,” it said.

As reported by RT in its Telegram channel, YouTube has blocked four videos of the RT TV channel in English, allegedly for misinformation about the coronavirus. According to the report, the channel was banned for a week from publishing videos or making live broadcasts. Among the blocked videos was a translation of an interview with the Soviet virologist Dmitry Lvov Anton Krasovsky, a podcast by Republican Wayne Dupree, as well as news broadcasts of the protests against lockdown in England.

Earlier, YouTube removed the RT video with the speech of former US President Donald Trump.

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