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Kevin Spacey has once again been accused of molestation

American actor Kevin Spacey again accused of molesting colleagues on the TV series "House of Cards," reports The Hollywood Reporter. Now the Hollywood star is suing his former employer, Media Rights Capital Studios.

The company seeks damages of tens of millions of dollars for the alleged negative impact of Spacey's behavior on the reputation of the project. The actor filed a countersuit, arguing that Media Rights Capital owes him money.

During the hearing, witnesses from the set said that the lead actor behaved "like a predator." According to them, Spacey touched an assistant producer, harassed a young colleague who wanted to audition for the project. In addition, the famous American allegedly invited the aspiring artist to his hotel room, but he refused. After which the star started pestering him anyway.

In the fall of 2018, Spacey found himself at the center of a sex scandal. He was suspected of molesting and raping at least 15 people, including nine colleagues who worked on House of Cards. In June 2019, prosecutors in Massachusetts (USA) withdrew the sexual assault charge.

Earlier it was reported that a court in Sweden sentenced former Sabaton guitarist Rickard Sunden to nine months in prison for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl. The musician will also have to pay the child's family compensation of 53.4 thousand Swedish kronor.

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