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"Harry Potter" stars compete in golf

Harry Potter stars Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and James Phelps (one of the Weasley twins) have met to play golf. In the caption to the pictures that Felton posted on Instagram, the actor admitted that he lost to James.

"Even a true Slytherin sometimes lets the Weasleys win," Felton ironically captioned the photo, referring to the long-standing feud between the Hogwarts Gryffindor and Slytherin faculties.

"It's just that golf is like Quidditch, so Gryffindor won! - fans write in the comments. "It's great that you're still friends."

By the way, Felton maintains friendly relations with many actors who played in the fantastic saga. Last summer, he hosted a reunion in honor of the 19-year anniversary of the premiere of the first film. In addition, the actor wrote a touching post in memory of Helen McCrory, who played his mother Narcissa Malfoy. The actress died on April 16 from cancer.

"It's so sad to say goodbye to her so suddenly. I never got the chance to tell her in person, but she really helped me shape myself as a person — on and off the screen, " Felton wrote on social media. "Helen has always been herself: incredibly intelligent, kind, and warm-hearted. She could always find time for you. Thank you for shining a light on my path and being there when I needed it."

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