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Russian Consulate General in the Czech Republic doused with ketchup

The walls of the Russian Consulate General in the Czech city of Brno were doused with ketchup. This is reported by the local newspaper Lidovky.cz.

The police were informed about the incident the day before, on April 22. Law enforcement officers are investigating a case of damage to foreign property. It is reported that earlier a similar incident occurred with the Russian Embassy in Prague: according to the idea of the attackers, ketchup should symbolize the blood of two people killed in the explosion in Vrbetice.

Relations between Russia and the Czech Republic have deteriorated amid accusations against the Russian security services, which Prague believes were involved in the explosion at an ammunition depot in Vrbetice in 2014. In this regard, it expelled 18 diplomats who are suspected of working for the special services, and Moscow in response declared persona non grata 20 employees of the Czech embassy.

After that, the Czech authorities further reduced the number of employees at the Russian embassy in Prague: diplomats will be reduced by 20 people, and technical staff — by 42. Thus, the Russian diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic will employ the same number of people as in the Czech Republic in Moscow: seven diplomats and 25 technical employees. In response, Moscow demanded to reduce the composition of the Czech Embassy, taking into account the disparity.

The explosions occurred on October 16 and December 3, 2014, the first killing two people. An estimated ten thousand kilograms of ammunition, including medium-range missiles, exploded. The cause of the incident remained unknown, according to one version, the explosion occurred due to the negligence of the workers.

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