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In Indonesia, a submarine sank — 53 people were on board

According to preliminary data, the submarine is in the sea at a depth of about 700 meters and there is no connection between it

In Indonesia, a submarine of the country's Navy, KRI Nanggala 402, with 53 crew members on board, sank during an exercise. Presumably, all were killed.

This is reported by the Daily Star with reference to the commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia, Hadi Chahyanto.

The submarine stopped communicating 96 kilometers north of Bali at about 3 a.m. local time immediately after the dive began.

“As soon as the permission to dive was given, we immediately lost contact,” Chahyanto said.

He said that according to preliminary data, the submarine is in the sea at a depth of about 700 meters and there is no communication with it, the crew is presumed dead.

The rescue operation continues.

“We are currently looking for her. We know the approximate area, but it is very deep, “ said Admiral Julius Wijohono.

It is known that the submarine participated in torpedo exercises in the waters of Northern Bali, but did not transmit any information.

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