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The EU said that the US undermines the world order by resuming the use of anti-personnel mines

Earlier, US President Donald Trump lifted restrictions on the use of anti-personnel mines by the US Armed Forces.

The US decision to resume the use of anti-personnel mines undermines the rule-based world order. This is stated in a statement issued on Tuesday by the EU foreign service.

“Permission to reuse anti-personnel mines not only conflicts with international efforts around the world to mine, help victims of anti-personnel mines and destroy their stocks, but also undermines the international rule-based world order,” the statement said.

It also emphasizes that this US decision “undermines the implementation of international standards against the use of anti-personnel mines, which have saved tens of thousands of people around the world over the past ten years.”

On January 31, US President Donald Trump lifted restrictions on the use of anti-personnel mines by the US Armed Forces.

The latest anti-personnel mines mass-produced in the last years of the Cold War are light containers filled with explosives and explosive elements. An explosion of such a mine often does not kill immediately but inflicts severe injuries on a person who exploded on it. The victim often dies of blood loss, and if medical care was provided immediately, he becomes disabled for life, usually losing his leg. The greatest danger of anti-personnel mines is that the mined territories left after the armed conflicts pose a threat to civilians for many more years. Children are particularly at risk, who often ignore prohibitions, warning signs and barriers surrounding non-mine zones.

An additional problem is a complicated and expensive procedure for clearing these territories, which poor countries of the world have no money for. At the same time, the combat use of anti-personnel mines, on the contrary, is a fairly simple procedure. For example, Soviet-made mines PFM-1 (Petal) or similar American BLU-43s can literally sow huge areas in a short time. For their delivery can be used artillery systems, aircraft or sapper vehicles.

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