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The Chinese discussed the problems of Tesla cars

Chinese human rights activists drew public attention to the problems of Tesla cars and forced the company to apologize, the Chinese network discussed the incident.

American automaker Tesla, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, has previously categorically stated that “it will not make any compromises regarding unreasonable demands.” Now he's apologized.

Of course, it is inappropriate to stand on the roof of a car and shout about a brake malfunction, but if it were not for the pressure of public opinion, China would never have received an apology from the “uncompromising” Tesla, according to the material of the CCTV TV channel.

The article refers to an incident at the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition when the owner of a Tesla car stood on the roof of the exhibition car and said publicly that the car's brake system was unreliable.

The truth remains to be seen, but this is not the first time that Tesla has been at the center of a rights-related dispute. If the problem can only be solved by “inflating”, then neither the consumer nor the producer will benefit. What Tesla should really be concerned about is not human rights activists, but the quality of its own products, the article says.

Chinese netizens discussed the news under the corresponding publication on the TV channel's page on the social network Sina Weibo.

“As we all know, losing control of a Tesla car is definitely a driver's problem, a bad road, a Godzilla problem, but it can't possibly be a Tesla problem,” a Really Cute Bird user stated.

Some users asked not to touch Godzilla because it is about to get ready to come out of the depths of the sea to save the world from Japan. Some people have noticed that sales of Tesla have sunk significantly in China, and therefore suspect the hand of the company's competitors in the face of the Chinese brand BYD.

“Tesla kills only the rich, not the poor,” said user Li Chunfeng, hinting at the considerable cost of the car of this brand and making it clear that there is not much to worry about.

Under the message, a stormy “anti-bourgeois” discussion unfolded, almost resulting in a strike.

“The Tesla has no brakes at all, how could they fail then?” asked Zhu Yuchen.

“The car is good, just in China the roads are bad, too slippery, the electricity is also bad — it does not charge. Chinese customers are also bad-they are too banal. It's a good thing that the client doesn't weigh 200 kg, otherwise, he would have bent the roof,” Xu Yihan joked.

A lot of commentators have noticed that Tesla does not care about the quality of its cars at all and throws them on sale like some pots, for which there are no special quality requirements.

Some were outraged by the way China's consumer product quality control works if they allow faulty cars like Tesla products, which are constantly at the center of scandals, to enter the market.

“I'm here to make an American-style discriminatory remark. This is really a white car, created by the hands of a white man. He can't even slow down. It leaves people speechless. Let Tesla come back and think about it. Investigate and study the brake pedal problem. Does this brake pedal only work for white people? “ joked Mu Xue.

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