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India has 1.5 million COVID-19 cases in a week

India is going into a steep dive due to the situation with the coronavirus epidemic — more than 200 thousand new cases have been recorded in the country every day for a week

More than 200 thousand infected per day, almost 1.5 million in a week — India has faced such extremely high rates of COVID-19.

Now the country ranks first in the world in the number of cases per day, and in its capital, Delhi, a hard lockdown was introduced. Only government offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores are allowed to operate during the coming week.

The authorities hope this way to at least slightly stop the spread of the virus and relieve the medical facilities-while they are overcrowded, there are not enough beds with oxygen for everyone.

“The Delhi health system is no longer able to accept new patients in large numbers. Without lockdown, I'm afraid we're in for a tragedy. We would not want people lying in hospital corridors or dying in the streets, “ says Arvind Kejriwal, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Recall that for the entire time of the pandemic in India, 15.3 million cases of COVID-19 were detected — more only in the United States.

In addition, more than 180.5 thousand people died of the effects of a viral infection. At the same time, even this shocking data can be underestimated, since information is received from crematoriums about the many times increased number of corpses being burned. In this regard, some of these institutions are working around the clock.

However, this did not stop the Hindu pilgrims from participating in the Kumbha Mela festival, during which they performed ritual ablutions in the Ganges River.

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