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The scandal surrounding the company Evian tweet on the first day of Ramadan

“If you have already drunk a liter of Evian today, then retweet,” the French mineral water company Evian wrote on its Twitter account on April 13. The tweet was timed to coincide with the start of the Muslim fast of Ramadan.

Some users did not like the company's tweet, they began to write about racism, which in turn made Islamophobes raise their heads — and caused a new round of controversy. Evian has decided to apologize for its tweet. The French press is seething with indignation.

Pandering to Islamism

Firms like Evian allow themselves to be used, “ sociologist Mathieu Boycott writes on the pages of Le Figaro:

“Evian believed that it would be able to calm the passions, and made a bet on repentance. However, in doing so, she only showed a slavish reflex of willingness to submit to the force, which, apparently, is now allowed to decide what is acceptable and what is not. Commentators who are content to see this as a strategy of appeasement deliberately turn a blind eye to the political significance of the issue. But we are talking about the fact that at the symbolic level there is a transfer of sovereignty over the national territory from one hand to another. The implication is that French culture must now give way to a culture that pretends to be truly Muslim.”

A storm in a glass of water

If the mere advertising of water gives us so much food for interpretation, then it is quite bad, “ Le Point notes with irony:

“After the attacks on the monuments, the turn came to the bottles of mineral water! Why doesn't anyone attack the Vichy mineral water producer? ... I remember the admonitions of our parents and grandparents: 'Drink!', 'You should drink more!'... Is there an ulterior motive in these medical instructions? Is there a secret reactionary policy? ... We took another fresh look at the Evian ad. Well, all right, it's about cleanliness. ... But this cult of slimness! Very much like hating fat people! To flaunt all these babies is to agitate for people to have children. And this means to call for further destruction of the planet!”.

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