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The US recalled the ambassador from Russia at the request of the Kremlin

Diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia are deteriorating more and more-American Ambassador John Sullivan returns to Washington to meet with Joe Biden's team

This week, the US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, will return from Moscow to his country after the Russian Foreign Ministry recommended that he return to America.

A representative of the US State Department told Axios on April 19.

At home, Sullivan will visit his family and consult with the administration of President Joe Biden. After accepting the offer to continue to exercise his powers indefinitely, he did not yet have the opportunity to do so.

He himself told Russian media that the White House will discuss the current state of bilateral relations between the United States and Russia.

The State Department intends to return its ambassador to Moscow in the coming weeks.

It is worth noting that last week, in response to the sanctions that Biden imposed on Russia, the Kremlin expelled 10 other American diplomats from the country.

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