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The mass leak of personal data of Facebook users. The consequences?

The beginning of April was marked by an unpleasant event for Facebook users: again there was a data leak, only this time it was very massive. The data of 533 million users, which is almost half of the social network's customers, was made publicly available.

In general, the social network violated article 82 of the General Data Protection Regulation. Its violation is fraught with compensation. And now the action against Facebook will be handled by the organization "Digital Rights of Ireland", whose members are calling on users from the EU to check whether their accounts were affected. If everything is confirmed, Facebook will pay a lot of compensation.

The data of the victims themselves appeared on the hacker forum. Mostly, the blow fell on the Americans, the British, and the Indians.

In general, Facebook is a social network that was originally focused on data collection. It tracks people by contacts in the phone's address book, location, and collects queries entered on websites or apps. In 2018, there was evidence that Facebook also collects information about phone conversations and SMS messages.

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