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Michael Keaton will play Batman again

Actor Michael Keaton has agreed to play Batman again, according to The Wrap, citing the artist's casting agency ICM.

Filming for The Flash began in London on April 19. Back in March, Keaton doubted that he would return to the role — he was worried about the coronavirus pandemic. “I'm worried. I follow the coronavirus situation in the UK more than anything else. Everything will depend on it,” he said in an interview. “That's what I think about first. I look at the project and wonder if it's going to kill me. If it doesn't kill you, then fine,” Keaton mused.

Michael Keaton first played a superhero in a bat suit in 1989 in the Tim Burton film “Batman”, 1992 he returned to the role in the film “Batman Returns”.

Ben Affleck will also play the role of Batman: the action will unfold in different time intervals.

The director of the” Flash “was the director of the horror film” It “ Andreas Muschetti. The Flash will be played by Ezra Miller.

Earlier, director Zack Snyder accused the Warner Bros. studio. In a biased attitude to his film “Batman v Superman”.

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