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South Africa's capital engulfed by strong fire, people are evacuated

A fire in the library of the University of Cape Town burned valuable publications, including the first illustrations to the” Jungle Book " by Kipling

In the Republic of South Africa, a fiery hell rages for the second day. The forest fire that broke out yesterday spread to the capital of the country Cape Town, people are being evacuated.

This is particularly reported by the BBC.

The fire broke out on Sunday morning near the memorial to politician Cecil Rhodes in the Table Mountain area and quickly spread to the city.

In particular, the University of Cape Town burned — its library, where many rare materials are stored, was particularly badly damaged. So the fire destroyed the first illustrations to the “Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.

About 250 firefighters are fighting the fire, which is fanned by strong winds, and helicopters are also used, but their work is difficult due to heavy smoke.

South African rescuers have evacuated three 17-story apartment buildings in an upscale suburb of Cape Town.

“The fire has not yet been localized. Currently, the wind is the main contributing factor, " the city said in a statement.

It is noted that the area of Table Mountain is prone to fires because of its vegetation, but this is the first time it has spread to a nearby university, so the authorities suspect arson and have even already detained a suspect.

Recall that in October last year, rescuers and residents of Tanzania fought for three days with a fire that engulfed the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro — the highest point in Africa.

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