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Johnny Depp presented irrefutable proof Amber Heard lies

57-year-old Johnny Depp said that he had irrefutable evidence of the lies of his ex-wife. 34-year-old Amber Heard may be the heroine of the next trial.

The union of a Hollywood actor and a sexy beauty lasted only a year, and after that, the star of the “Rum Diary” accused her husband of domestic violence. A scandal broke out. Amber called Depp a tyrant, and herself a victim of an abuser. After that, Johnny lost a number of lucrative contracts. The actor was no longer invited to appear in films, and he was on the verge of ruin.

However, the ex-chosen Vanessa Paradis set out to regain his honest name at all costs. The actor sued a British tabloid for libel but lost the case. Now Johnny had proof that he was right.

In the Network, there were videos from the breast cameras of police officers, made in the house of the artist after the call in May 2016. It was then that Amber claimed that her husband attacked her after getting very drunk. The actress said that Depp began to smash literally everything around, beat her, even threw her phone in her face. Friends of the” victim “ shared pictures of the utter chaos that reigned in the house.

However, the breast cameras of the police captured a very different thing. There is no mayhem, broken glasses, or even empty bottles in the house. Moreover, even on the body of the ex-wife of the Hollywood star herself, no traces of violence were found.

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