Trump criticized Voice of America and Radio Liberty

Another object of criticism of Donald Trump became Voice of America and Radio Liberty. These two editions have for many years been the mouthpieces of anti-Soviet and then anti-Russian propaganda. Therefore, at first glance, the behavior of the head of the White House may seem strange.

However, there is nothing surprising about this. Funded at public expense, these media outlets have recently issued so many low-quality “products”, fakes, manipulations, that the audience completely ceased to believe them. And this overflowed the patience of the American president. According to Trump, there is no need to pay money to those who can not cope with their duties.

“We have Freedom / Free Europe and Voice of America. We created them to strengthen our country, but [now] they are not working in the best way,” the president said.

Looking for examples, one does not have to go far. Take, for example, an article published on Radio Liberty’s website in February this year. It claimed that Russia was to blame for the measles outbreak in the EU. Allegedly, “Russian trolls”, by order of the Kremlin, infiltrated groups in social networks and campaigned for refusing vaccination.

Then the journalist and blogger Julia Vityazeva wittily ridiculed the publication: “The measles epidemic in the EU is us too. Tomorrow they will tell us that the Old and New Worlds massively stopped washing only because Putin already pulled a nanomagnetic grid-connected on the one hand to the Americans and Europeans in the brain, and on the other — directly to the Kremlin. ”

You can recall the fake about the “tough negotiations” of the head of the British Foreign Ministry with his Russian counterpart. Allegedly, Hunt “lectured” Lavrov, accusing Russia of using weapons in the UK during the UN General Assembly. But the fact is that Lavrov and Hunt did not meet at that time.

Such examples have no numbers. And the American president quite reasonably decided that Radio Liberty and Voice of America could not cope with their task. And therefore, apparently, they will put an end to them.

Of course, this does not mean that others will not come in their place. What Trump clearly stated: “We are really considering this [creating a new media for broadcasting abroad] ...

True, there are great doubts that the new edition will be more objective. After all, it will pursue the same policy.

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