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Half-naked woman arrested at Prince Philip's funeral

At the funeral of the husband of the British Queen, Prince Philip, there was a scandal. In a moment of silence, a half-naked woman jumped out in front of the funeral procession and shouted “ Save the planet!” The incident is reported by the Daily Express.

After that, the eco-debater raced along the walls of Windsor Castle and jumped on the statue of Queen Victoria. The woman was wearing a cap and glasses, but no T-shirt or bra. Police officers took her down and took her to the station.

Later, photos appeared on the Web, showing how the police officers detained the half-naked activist and picked up her clothes.

Prince Philip, the wife of Queen Elizabeth, was buried in Britain today. The local press reports that the Queen looked heartbroken and wiped away her tears alone in the castle chapel. She bowed her head respectfully as she accompanied her beloved Philip's coffin on its final journey. Their eldest son, Prince Charles, wept as he followed the coffin into the church, accompanied by other grieving members of the royal family. The Duke of Edinburgh's coffin was covered with his personal standard. On the standard lay a saber, a naval cap, and a wreath of flowers. The coffin was lowered onto an unusual hearse-a Land Rover, designed for the funeral according to the drawings of the deceased.

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