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In Italy, the easing of quarantine measures will begin on April 26

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said during a press conference that the quarantine measures imposed by the Italian government in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic will be relaxed from April 26.

“The government has decided to begin a gradual easing of restrictions from April 26. In making this decision, we take risks, but it is based on epidemiological data that is improving, “ Draghi said.

In addition, he noted that soon the work will be able to resume restaurants and bars in outdoor areas at lunchtime and in the evening, and all students will return to full-time training. According to the minister, it will be allowed to move between regions, but their division by color will remain, depending on the level of epidemiological risks.

Earlier, the director of the Barcelona tourism consortium, Marian Muro, said that Barcelona could start accepting Russian tourists in late summer or autumn, in the case of the introduction of digital “coronavirus passports” in the EU, as well as the recognition of similar documents with third countries.

Before that, Italian Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia said that the country is ready to accept tourists in the summer if one of three conditions is met.

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