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Russia responded to US sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry has published a list of American officials who are banned from entering Russia, and also called a number of restrictive measures against the United States.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, April 16, published a response to the US anti-Russian sanctions adopted the day before.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the following countermeasures will be introduced in the near future:

— On the basis of reciprocity, the expulsion of employees of US diplomatic missions in an amount commensurate with the activities carried out by the US authorities against Russian diplomats will follow.

— The practice of the US Embassy using short-term seconders through the State Department to ensure the functioning of diplomatic missions is limited. The issuance of appropriate visas to them will be reduced to a minimum: up to 10 people per year on the basis of reciprocity.

— In strict accordance with the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and Russian legislation, including the Labor Code, measures will be taken to completely stop the practice of hiring US diplomatic missions of administrative and technical workers from among the citizens of the Russian Federation and third countries.

— In connection with the systematic violations of the rules of travel on the territory of the Russian Federation by the employees of the US diplomatic missions, the bilateral Memorandum of 1992 is terminated. About understanding “open land”.

— It is intended to stop the activities of American foundations and NGOs controlled by the State Department and other American government agencies in the Russian Federation. This work, which has been carried out for a long time and systematically, will be brought to an end, especially against the background of the fact that the United States does not intend to reduce the scope of its subversive efforts, carried out systematically based on an extensive legislative framework.

— It is obvious that the current extremely tense situation implies an objective need for the ambassadors of both our countries to be in their capitals to analyze the situation and hold consultations.

Lavrov also said that they responded to the Polish sanctions: to expel three Russian diplomats from Poland, they will send five Polish ones from Russia.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry has published a list of American officials who are banned from entering Russia:

— Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney General;
— Michael Carvajal, Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons;
— Alejandro Mayorkas, US Secretary of Homeland Security;
— Susan Rice, U.S. President's Domestic Policy Adviser, former Permanent Representative to the United Nations and National Security Aide;
— Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI;
— Avril Haynes, Director of National Intelligence;
— John Bolton, former Assistant to the US President for National Security and Permanent Representative to the UN;
— Robert Woolsey, former director of the CIA.

The Foreign Ministry also added that due to the” unprecedented nature of the complications provoked by Washington, “Moscow decided to move away from the usual practice of not” highlighting " publicly the countermeasures taken by the Russian side.

Recall that on the eve of US President Joe Biden signed a decree on new sanctions against Russia.

Later, he issued a statement in which he expressed confidence that both Russia and the United States are striving for peace, and therefore, according to him, a meeting with Putin should take place.

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