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The Queen decided to save Prince Harry from disgrace

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will make an unprecedented decision and ban senior members of the royal family from attending Prince Philip's funeral in uniform. In this way, she will save Prince Harry from disgrace, writes the Daily Mail.

Contrary to tradition, Princes Harry and Andrew will not be able to wear their uniforms to the funeral. The rest of the queen's children, including Prince Charles, Prince Edward, and Princess Anne, as well as Harry's older brother Prince William, will attend the ceremony in uniform. Courtiers were concerned that this would highlight the rift in the royal family that has emerged since Harry's departure to the United States.

Prince Harry expected to appear at the funeral in the same Royal and Blue Cavalry Regiment uniform he wore to his wedding three years ago. But he won't be able to do that, since the Queen stripped him of his honorary military titles in February. He is allowed to wear only a civilian suit and awards received during the service.

In turn, Prince Andrew fell into disgrace because of allegations of rape of underage girls. In November 2019, he had to resign. After that, he stopped appearing in public and even missed his own daughter's wedding. Despite this, Andrew demanded that he be allowed to attend the funeral in an admiral's uniform.

On April 9, Prince Philip died at the age of 99, two months short of his centenary. After the death of the Queen's husband, the United Kingdom declared eight days of national mourning. The funeral is scheduled for April 17. It is expected that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will be held without mass events.

Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1921 and has been married to Queen Elizabeth II since 1947. Philip is the grandfather of Princes Harry and William and the father of Princes Charles, Andrew, and Edward, as well as Princess Anne.

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