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In Canada, a deputy appeared at a video conference of the parliament without panties

A fellow party member of Justin Trudeau disgraced himself during an online meeting of the House of Commons-he appeared completely naked in front of colleagues.

A member of the Canadian Parliament from the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was embarrassed, appearing completely naked in front of fellow parliamentarians during a video conference.

This is reported by The Canadian Press.

A curious incident occurred with the member of the House of Commons, William Amos, on April 14 during a virtual parliamentary session. Other parliamentarians managed to take a photo of him.

Amos himself calls the incident "an unfortunate mistake."

"My camera accidentally turned on when I was changing into work clothes after a jog," the politician explained.

The man apologized to his colleagues and assured them that this would not happen again.

Later, Liberal Party parliamentary convener Mark Holland said he was satisfied with his colleague's explanation, and noted that Amos was "absolutely devastated" by what had happened.

He believes that there was no malicious intent in the actions of William Amos, but calls on colleagues to always take maximum responsibility for working video calls and exercise caution, acting "if the camera was turned on at that moment."

It is worth noting that in the era of the pandemic, embarrassment during video conferences has already become a common phenomenon. So, a British official swore at his cat during an official meeting.

And in Brazil, a member of the municipal council of Rio de Janeiro had sex with his girlfriend, forgetting to disconnect from the video conference.

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