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Floyd Mayweather comments on the sex scandal involving Jake Paul

A few days ago, news broke that Justine Paradise, a girl with more than 500,000 followers on her TikTok account, accused aspiring professional boxer and well-known blogger Jake Paul of harassment.

The girl released a 20-minute video in which she spoke in detail about the circumstances of the incident. According to her, this happened back in July 2019. The girl said that she was introduced to Jake in June of the same year and after that several times visited him at his home. Once he dragged her into a corner and began to kiss her, and then took her to the bedroom. Justine admitted that she was not against kissing, because she did not even think that it would grow into something more.

Floyd Mayweather, who is rumored to hold an exhibition match against Jake's brother, Logan Paul, has already commented on the news:

"The boy is so hungry that he harasses women. Some people don't understand the word "No". He probably doesn't know that these days, for such crimes, everyone is sent to prison just at the snap of their fingers. So it's just a matter of time. Tick-Tok..., " wrote Floyd, who ironically served several months behind bars himself on charges of domestic violence.

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