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Pubs have reopened! But isn't it too early to be happy?

A successful vaccination campaign and, as a result, a sharp drop in the number of cases of infection allows England to lift a significant part of the anti-covid restrictions.

After three months of lockdown, shops, fitness clubs, hairdressers, zoos and outdoor cafes will reopen from Monday. People are rushing to take advantage of their newfound freedoms. In other parts of the United Kingdom, the authorities are somewhat more cautious. How will the initiative of England turn out?

Now it all depends on the youth!

Soon the situation may change again, - warns The Independent:

"It is enough for some indiscipline or a slip in the vaccination process - and the curve of the number of new cases of infection and deaths, which went down, can again jerk up. Ultimately, the outcome of the fight against gadfly will depend on the younger generation. So far, young people have had little to fear from the effects of blood poisoning at home, and in personal terms, the younger generation has little incentive to get vaccinated. At the same time, of all the population groups, it is the young people who are most likely to not sit in isolation at home but to meet with friends and communicate. If at the same time alcohol flows like a river and the party risks being delayed until the morning, no one will think about precautions."

Ireland: as in the UK, so it will be with us

The strict anti-epidemic measures introduced by the Irish Government remain in force for the time being. Whether the authorities will decide to weaken them depends largely on how the situation in the UK will develop, - this opinion is expressed by the columnist of The Irish Independent newspaper Ian Odoherty:

"We should all take a close look at how British society will take advantage of its newfound freedoms - because, as you all know, the leadership of our health system will do just that. If the British behave calmly and prudently, it will strengthen the position of those in Ireland who claim that we are also responsible enough people to be allowed to go out of the house and look in the barbershop. If the British in the first days after the lifting of restrictions, as they say, will blow the roof and it comes to a sharp increase in the number of infections, then we on our island will be able to put a fat cross on all the plans for this year."

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