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A ship with passengers sank in the United States

The ship gave a distress signal the night before. Six passengers were rescued, and 12 more are being searched.

In the United States, off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, as a result of a storm, a commercial self-lifting self-propelled vessel sank, on board of which there were 18 passengers. Only six people have been rescued so far, The New York Times reports.

“We are still searching for people,” the US Coast Guard said, stressing that the fate of 12 people is unknown.

The rescue operation involved two boats, two boats, a helicopter, and four civilian vessels.

The ship gave an SOS signal on the evening of Tuesday, April 13.

As previously reported, 60 people were killed in a shipwreck in the Congo. The ship was carrying 700 passengers. The cause of the crash was the overload of the ship and navigation at night.

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