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Bus accident in Egypt: 20 people burned to death

The bus driver did not notice a truck with oil products that stopped due to a malfunction and crashed into it at high speed.

In Egypt, a passenger bus collided with a truck with oil products on the Assiut-Red Sea highway and caught fire. 20 people were killed, three more were injured.

This is reported by the El Balad edition with reference to the country's Ministry of Health.

According to the newspaper, the bus driver traveling from Cairo to Sohag did not notice the truck that stopped due to a malfunction and crashed into it at high speed. As a result of the collision, both vehicles caught fire — the bus was completely burnt out.

According to local publics in social networks, after the bus was extinguished, the burnt remains of people were taken out from there.

Isam Saad, Governor of Assiut Province, went to the scene to lead the rescue effort, which involved more than 30 ambulance teams.

Traffic on the intercity highway is blocked due to an accident, cars are being redirected along other roads.

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