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Biden to delay withdrawal from Afghanistan

The American president will officially announce this on Wednesday. The new withdrawal date will coincide with the anniversary of the attack on the United States.

The White House intends to fully withdraw the US military from Afghanistan before September 11. This was reported on Tuesday, April 13, by The Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the plans of the President of the United States Joe Biden.

It is noted that this will be done by the 20th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack on America, which caused the US military presence in this country.

"President Biden will withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan within the next few months to complete the withdrawal by the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack-the attack that dragged the United States into the longest war," the newspaper notes.

Biden is expected to make an official announcement on Wednesday.

Earlier, the administration of former US President Donald Trump set the deadline of May 1 this year as the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Thus, the Biden administration's decision will allow the US military presence in this country to continue for some time.

Earlier it was reported that the number of US military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq was reduced to 2.5 thousand people in January this year by order of former US President Donald Trump.

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