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Uber is ready to deliver cannabis to the US

Uber is ready to deliver cannabis after legalizing its use across America.

This was announced by the company's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, CNBC reports.

“When the road for cannabis is clear when the federal laws come into force, we will definitely take a look at it,” Khosrowshahi said.

In the meantime, the company will focus on delivering food and alcohol.

“We see a lot of opportunities, and we're going to focus on every one of them,” the CEO said.

Note that the federal legislation of the States considers the use of illegal, but a number of legislators have already expressed support for changes in this area.

In total, along with the District of Columbia, cannabis for recreational use was allowed in 16 states.

The last state to legalize cannabis was New York State, with Governor Andrew Cuomo signing the legalization bill on March 31. This law also allowed the delivery of marijuana.

The delivery of cannabis to Americans over the age of 21 is allowed without restrictions in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Recall that the State of Virginia legalized cannabis and made history.

In addition, the UFC legalized marijuana, fighters will no longer be punished for traces of cannabis.

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