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Police in the US called the murder of a black man an accident

The police of the state of Minnesota (USA) called the accidental murder of a black man in a car in the city of Brooklyn Center, after which mass protests began there. This is reported by The New York Times.

According to the chief of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, Tim Gannon, the police officer intended to use his taser but mistakenly fired a firearm. “It was a random shot that led to the tragic death of Mr. Wright,” he said.

The police officer, whose name was not disclosed, was placed on administrative leave. Gannon said that the car of the deceased Dante Wright (Daunte Wright) was stopped because of an expired registration. The police also showed a video from the officer's chest camera, the footage shows a short fight between Mr. Wright and the police before the shot occurred.

Earlier it was reported that the police shot a black man in his car in Minneapolis and provoked riots, looting, and vandalism. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. The National Guard was also deployed in the city to ensure order.

The victim, the 20-year-old Dante Wright, was driving with the girl when he was stopped by police. According to relatives, the guards did not like the air freshener. Police say there was an active arrest warrant against the driver. Wright was shot when he decided to leave the scene. The car drove a few more blocks and stopped, crashing into another car. The young man was pronounced dead on the spot.

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