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The US expects a temporary spike in inflation in the coming months

In response to Republican statements about the likely overheating of the US economy amid the implementation of stimulus measures introduced by the Joe Biden administration, the White House said that it expects only a temporary surge in inflation, which will then be replaced by its weakening.

The Council of Economic Advisers believes that in the coming months, inflation may increase due to problems related to late deliveries, as well as due to weakening demand in the service sector. However, it will then begin to slow down in line with long-term forecasts.

Experts say that if the pressure of any factors on the price level is detected after the coronavirus pandemic is finally brought under control, the inflation rate will be closely monitored in order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

The fact that there is no need to worry about rising prices also stated in the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Reserve System of the United States. Their forecasts are in line with the White House estimates.

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