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North Korea already has a nuclear submarine

North Korea is going to start testing a submarine in the near future. Thus, Kim Jong-un seeks to strategically push the United States of America.

This is reported by Yonhap.

This was reported by South Korean journalists, citing intelligence sources. We are talking about a nuclear submarine that the DPRK has been building for several years.

North Korea has completed the construction of a 3,000-ton nuclear submarine. It was first shown back in July 2019. But now Kim Jong-un is ready to set a test day.

At least, so say the publication Yonhap, citing information from the intelligence of South Korea and the United States.

They say that the DPRK has moved a barge to test underwater missiles at a missile test site. And this may indicate a planned test of a ballistic missile that is launched from submarines.

It is such a missile that South Korea has introduced a new ballistic missile at a military parade in Pyongyang.

North Korea, thanks to this submarine, is going to achieve strategic superiority in the region and exert maximum pressure on the United States of America.

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