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Vaccination in Europe has turned into a scandal

It is unlikely that you are interested in what is happening in a small neutral country — Austria. It is simply used as a laboratory for working out many things in the interests of large neighboring countries. Therefore, it is significant.

In short, the Austrians, or rather the entire east of the country and the capital (where most of the urban population of Austria lives), were extended a strict quarantine until April 18. At the same time, there was no special easing compared to the previous year. Except that they were allowed to enter the museums in turn — no more than one person per 20 square meters. At first, the version was “sit only for Easter”, then — “we will extend Easter until April 6”, then until the 18th. And there is no end to it.

What does it look like in real life? From the curfew from 19 pm to six in the morning, they switched to a 24-hour one. That is, according to the law (which, by the way, does not exist in the legal sense), you are forbidden to leave the house. The exception is taking care of infirm relatives, buying food, walking near the house alone or together with a roommate. Meetings in the 1+1 format-no more. All shops, except for food, are closed. Restaurants only for delivery. The fact that Vienna was once the capital of beautiful cafes, for a year and so forgotten, you can not remind.

In fact, the same thing is happening, only on an even larger scale, in Germany. However, due to the confrontation between the federal states and Berlin, there are options: for example, the “Tubingen experiment” — almost everything was opened in this city. But the mayor of Tubingen has already been accused of falsifying data on morbidity and other deadly sins.

In fact, the accusations of manipulating the figures look ridiculous on the part of the federal government. Because this series of lockdowns — in Austria, in Germany, in France-is based on exactly these two whales: shameless manipulation of numbers and unbridled propaganda. Behind this lies the helplessness of the leadership in the fight against the virus. Well, or some plan to destroy the rights and freedoms together with the elimination of the middle class as such. And this is already pulling on a large-scale conspiracy theory, which you do not even want to get involved with.

Although you know — sometimes there is no conspiracy, and everything goes as written. Here, for example, is the current hard lockdown — it was prepared by shouting about the number of infected people. Here we have thousands, there we have thousands of infected people. And the health care system is about to collapse. And it's been going on for a year.

But there is an unobtrusive trick — according to the WHO classification, the number of infected people is not identical to the number of sick people, since a clinical picture of the disease is necessary to recognize a person as sick, etc. But then the numbers will not be so panicky, and no one needs it.

And then comes the most unpleasant thing — all decisions on the abolition of basic civil rights of the population are made on the basis of shaky assumptions and “forecasts”. Moreover, forecasts are made by everyone who is not too lazy to speak to the press.

Virologists have the same answer to everything: “close everyone forever and put on double masks.” But, as we all know, doctors, and even more so medical theorists — are very specific people, with their professionally distorted vision of the world (“You have cancer because you smoke. Don't smoke? Well, then we don't know why you have cancer”). They don't care about the collapse of society, the abolition of democracy, the destruction of the economy. This is not the area of their professional interests.

No “forecast” has ever come true. For a whole year, there was nothing that frightens the population every day — namely, “ hundreds of people dying in the corridors.” And yet again the headlines: “Our health care system is on the verge of collapse.” The main thing is to sow an atmosphere of fear. The intimidated voter does not ask questions. For example: was there really nothing that could have been done to the health care system during the year of the pandemic, so that it would not be on the verge of collapse forever?

Or, as readers of the Welt newspaper recall in the comments: “Frau Merkel should also explain why 20% of intensive care beds were cut during the pandemic last year, and how Karl Lauterbach was involved in this.” A certain Lauterbach — a candidate for a ministerial position — is a local Savonarola from Covid, he runs all the TV shows, newspapers, and magazines and tells for a year that everyone should be closed tightly. And Merkel listens to him — he is an Expert!

And here, thanks to the efforts of such experts, a new concept is thrown into circulation: "blocking the bridge". It reads like this: “everything that happened before is not lockdowns, now we must introduce a short-term ban on everything, on the entire territory - for two weeks. If necessary, extend it. " And no one says anymore that vaccination will save us. Because all vaccinations spilled over into a procurement and distribution scandal across the EU and Brussels.

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