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The failure of the Democrats. How did the US elections begin?

The failure of the Democrats. How did the US elections begin?

Pete Buttigieg unexpectedly won in Iowa

For several months in the United States, supporters of Democrats and Republicans — the country's two largest parties — must decide who will be their candidate for the November 3 presidential election.

In the United States, the first phase of the presidential election has begun — the caucus. At this stage, each of the parties selects a candidate who will fight for the position in the White House.

The first state is Iowa. Republicans voted in favor of Donald Trump. But the Democrats even really could not calculate their results.

“The Death of Iowa”

In Iowa, Democrats had trouble collecting information from polling stations. The problem was in a new application for calculating the results.

“We found inconsistencies in the reports with three result sets. In addition to technical systems for summarizing the results, we also use photographs of the totals and documents to verify that all the results are the same and to make sure that we are sure of their accuracy. The problem is with data collection, the application did not fall, it is not a hacker attack and not a hack. The source data and paper documents are reliable enough, we just need more time to take stock, ” said Mandy McClure, director of communications for the Democratic Party.

Of the 11 Democrats participating in the election campaign, seven candidates awaited the results of the first focuses: these are former US Vice President Joe Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders (Vermont), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota), the former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Buttigieg, businessmen Andrew Ian and Tom Steyer.

A day after the vote, it was announced that after counting 71% of the protocols, Buttigieg is leading. This is a very good result for him, considering that he is considered an outsider among the main applicants. The second is Sanders, followed by Warren and only the fourth by Biden.

Although Biden is considered the favorite of the race. He still has a chance to show the best results in the following states. But for Warren, with her declining popularity and how much she invested in the campaign in Iowa, the third-place may indicate an impending failure in other states. After the caucus, one of the candidates is expected to withdraw from the election.

All February preliminaries are missed by the former mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who decided to focus on the states with the largest number of delegates, where the primaries will be held later. For him, the chaos in Iowa is an absolute plus; against such a background, his strategy of non-participation no longer seems too extravagant.

Republicans rejoice

The failure of the first caucus is a bad sign for the Democratic Party, whose voters are waiting for a candidate who can compete with Donald Trump. 62% of voters surveyed before the caucus said they want to see someone who can defeat Trump, and only 36% — someone who agrees with them on key issues.

“Iowa Democrats have not just failed their task. They failed her impressively. They failed so completely and humiliatingly that no one will remember who won the 2020 caucus — Iowa just lost in them, ” Politico writes.

Whatever Democrats win in the end, the main winner in this situation, according to CNN, is Trump, who has already accused the “Democratic loafers” of his incapacity on his Twitter account.

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