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The British ridiculed the article about the “wreaking havoc” Russian submarines

The British tabloid The Sun published a story about a “secret Russian flotilla” of submarines, which allegedly could “cripple” and” plunge into chaos “ the United Kingdom by cutting underwater Internet cables.

According to the publication, this flotilla was allegedly created to deliver a” catastrophic in its consequences “ blow to the West in the event of a war.

The publication was ridiculed by commentators:

“Can you tell us exactly when this will happen? Soon I will install a new kitchen, so I want to be sure that I will buy household appliances at the lowest price. Without the internet, I'll pay a lot more, “ joked user Jerry Ettrick.

“And why would they do that? Absolute nonsense” said Doberman Oleary.

“They can... But they won't... Just another scary story, “ said Mr. Boring.

“We've all heard this before, no one cuts the Internet cables, “ James Agar said.

“Can you rely on The Sun to keep a secret? I bet the Russians never thought about it until you mentioned it, “ Skot quipped.

“We have a government that continues to destroy our army,” lamented The Flumps.

In 2019, the United Kingdom imposed a ban on the supply of underwater submersible vehicles to Russia, explaining this step as Moscow's ability to access underwater cables and “damage” them. According to Russian experts, despite the fact that in theory, Russia has the ability to damage deep-water communications running along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, statements that Moscow really plans to do this are a figment of the imagination of the British General Staff.

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