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The scandal over the “Mrs. Sri Lanka” crown being ripped off

The title was won by Pushpika De Silva, but the winner of 2020 tore off her crown and put it on another participant. This caused a real scandal.

“Mrs. World 2020” Carolyn Jury is arrested in Sri Lanka for ripping off the crown of the winner of the national beauty contest. Moreover, the final of the competition was broadcast live on TV, Sky News reports.

The scandal broke out in the final of the contest “Mrs. Sri Lanka-2021”. Pushpa De Silva won the title, but “Mrs. World 2020” Carolyn Jury tore off her crown and put it on another participant. Juri stated that De Silva could not be “Mrs. Sri Lanka”, as she is divorced, and this is contrary to the rules of the competition.

Later, the organizers of the beauty show expressed regret over the incident and returned the crown to the winner. They stressed that De Silva did not violate the rules, since she is not officially divorced. The woman does not really live with her husband, but their marriage is legally valid.

Along with Carolyn Jury, her friend Chula Manamendra, who helped take the crown, was also arrested. The women were also accused of injuring the winner during a scuffle on stage.

The “Mrs. Sri Lanka” contest has a high status in the country, the award ceremony was attended by the wife of the Prime Minister.

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