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In Israel, almost all restrictions were lifted

Israel was one of the first countries in the world to start vaccinating the population against the coronavirus. And the results of collective immunity are already noticeable in the country — the authorities are lifting restrictions. In order for the effect to become obvious, it takes one and a half to two months, provided that the vaccination is active.

This was told by the Medical Director of the First Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Yuri Rankov.

Vaccination success

“We started vaccinating people on December 20. By this point, there were about 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 in Israel every day. The incidence rate grew rapidly. Everyone was very scared. There was a whole program to promote vaccination. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were the first to be vaccinated. Everything happened in public and became a strong motivational moment, “ he said.

Doctors have noticed that when few people in the country are vaccinated, an additional danger is created since slow vaccination gives time for the virus to adapt, mutate and become resistant to the vaccine. Therefore, they actively vaccinated the residents of Israel.

Removing restrictions

The results were not immediately noticed. But now, after almost four months, the incidence is on the decline. And this is one of the main indicators for lifting restrictions, they gradually began to be relaxed.

“You don't have to wear a mask, unless, of course, you are in a public place. Removed restrictions for weddings. Shopping and entertainment centers and restaurants were opened, which were closed for almost a year and did not work. Previously, they said that they would not be allowed anywhere without a document on vaccination, but they almost never ask for it, “ the medic said.

According to him, life in Israel is gradually returning to its usual course. The country is preparing to celebrate Independence Day on April 14-15 and will do so as the first country in the world to almost defeat the coronavirus.

Vaccinations of those who have been ill and minors

“The only area where restrictions still remain is children's entertainment centers and playgrounds. There is still a need to maintain a distance, wear a mask, and so on. We are waiting for the decision of the US regulator, the FDA, to start vaccinating children over 12 years old,” said Rankov.

In Israel, children must wear masks, because they are very active: they run everywhere, try to touch everything and everyone with their hands. Doctors believe that they are ideal distributors of infection.

“When they first began to oblige to wear masks, and then to get vaccinated, people began to speak out that this violates their rights. Israel has taken a clear position: this is not a violation of rights. Any demagoguery in this area was severely suppressed in our country. Because you yourself can not be vaccinated, but you can infect and kill another person, “ the medic drew attention.

He draws attention to the fact that those who have already had the coronavirus need to get vaccinated early. But in this case, one dose of the vaccine is recommended, to strengthen immunity.

“Additional research is not needed to make a decision about vaccination. Indeed, there are people who, without knowing it, have suffered from the disease. These are about 20% of the population. In Israel, there is no practice to find out whether the patient was ill or not. Those who do not have a diagnosis of coronavirus in their medical history are automatically considered not sick and go for vaccination. They are vaccinated in two doses, “ the doctor said.

Earlier, we reported that in Israel, they began to close the departments of hospitals intended for patients with coronavirus.

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